Davies Coin, a new cryptocurrency in the 2018 CriptoMad

                Work and the constancy of the Davies community opened a road of hope and found the possibility of recovering it, said Daniel at the 2018 CriptoMad.

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                Can cryptocurrencies finish with the banking system?

                Cryptocurrencies and its possibilities are growing. Did you know that a virtual currency that allow to make loans between individuals exists?

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                The role of cryptocurrency in money laundering

                Cryptos work on their transparency with the rest of the world to be able to track them when they occur. Cryptocurrencies advance to guarantee their safety.

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                Cryptocurrencies, the threat to central banks

                Blockchain for digital payment systems technology is breaking with these myths to provide a safe and efficient system. How is it possible?

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                The opportunity to make low-cost payments

                Blockchain is driver of an authentic revolution, as that of the online payments. One single technology can change everything, as low-cost payments.

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                Decentralized banking system: be your own bank

                Have you ever heard about a decentralized banking system and economy? Do you know its origin? We will give you the answers to these questions.

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                Download Davies App

                In addition to being able to access through the APP available for Android and iOS we also have the webapp to which you can access from this website through the "Access to Davies App" button.