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Daviescoin the first cryptocurrency that will allow you to make loans between individuals

DAVIES, new cryptocurrency on the market with historical origins

DAVIES, new cryptocurrency on the market with historical origins

The world continues to grow, the society advances and we don't want to stand idle. In this post we tell you why DAVIES is a cryptocurrency with history and what it offers to the financial world. In short, it is a new cryptocurrency on the market.

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The vision of Satoshi Nakamoto

He dreamed of creating a cryptocurrency that could replace our current financial system. The Bank of Spain is who acts as the banking authority in our country, promoting the smooth functioning and stability of the financial system. But the European Central Bank is the one which sets the monetary policy, constituting the core of the Eurosystem and safeguarding the value of the euro.

This is the situation of our financial system, which Satoshi Nakamoto was aware with the passage of time, and you know that this is the necessary first step to make any change in the world. He was aware of the amount of time, money and opportunities that are lost every day with the operations that we conducted through banks. Why not if we ignore these intermediaries?

Nakamoto knew that he could do it and got it. In 2009 he launched the first cryptocurrency in the world under the name of Bitcoin and became the first independent third-party coin. Decentralization became an alternative not only to society, but also to traditional banks, who were reluctant to change.

10 years later, the number of cryptocurrencies present in the market has been rising quickly. More than 4,000 virtual coins are the protagonists in the blockchain universe, the technology that enables their operation. It's a very high range of coins and each of them brings a distinctive value. As an example, we have the case of DAVIES, a cryptocurrency launched in 2018 and backed by a company created in Estonia, and nowadays it is an official cryptobank.

The differential value which brings this cryptocurrency is having the support of a company (although it should be noted that the currency does not belong to the company) rather than altruistic teams, as it is the case with most cryptocurrencies.


How was DAVIES created?

Its creator, Daniel Garcia, had a previous experience in the sector because he was part of the launching of mining projects, such as My Custom Miner. This virtual currency was born as a fork of Litecoin, which means that a project has been taken with an existing open source license and a copy has been created so that, over time, you can write your own code and make the project reach the objectives stablished by its creator.

Thanks to the work, constancy and effort made by the DAVIES team, the company has already established itself as one of the first European Crypto Bank. The phenomenon occurs after obtaining Cryptowallet and Cryptotrade licenses, issued by the Government of Estonia. Thanks to this breakthrough, DAVIES can now offer traditional banking services from a modern point of view.


How is this cryptocurrency?

Security and transparency are two of the DAVIES' strongest points, something achieved thanks to the Blockchain technology on which it is supported. Its spectrum of possibilities is getting wider and it gives this currency more security and speed in transactions. In addition, its pseudo-anonymous character allows to trace any type of illicit activity that can be carried out and that builds prejudices and myths about the real use of the cryptocurrencies.

Something that proofs the security that DAVIES brings is the way in which its mining is carried out, since it uses graphic cards that allow to democratize the mining because any user can join their mining pools.


A quick recap of what DAVIES is

DAVIES continues to work to become a modern, transparent and secure way of payment to perform any type of operation instantaneously, anytime and anywhere.

Without going any further, the loans between individuals are transactions that we need to do almost daily, but we lose much of our time and money in making them reach other places in the world. This cryptocurrency has overcome these barriers and has built a perfect opportunity for reducing financial poverty and making people without access to these resources able to manage their own money.

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